A Message to Our Clients

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It’s been almost three years since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak.


Our thoughts are especially with our clients and business partners around the world, we hope everything is going well at your side. And we long to see again, that we can meet and exchange views at trader fairs or exhibitions once more.

As an old Chinese saying goes “Hard times will always disclose true virtues”, we held nothing but gratitude towards all of our employees, for their resilience, courage and devotions played a significant role and keep carrying Wendy® forward. Even though their families, and their very way of life are deeply affected by the pandemic, whether directly or indirectly.



During these times, we are also undergoing lot of verification, improvement and field tests for one of our new product lines - Variable Speed Multistage Pump. Some of you might know it as VSD/VFD pump or Smart Pump.



Without a doubt, Smart Pumps will grow more popular in the future market. Wendy® has been introducing this product in exhibitions over the past few years before the pandemic, yet our main purpose is still focusing on communicate with the market rather than hastily dive into the business.


Here are some features of our MHF series VSD pump:

●   Variable speed operation provides constant pressure

●   Adjustable setting pressure

●   Very easy to use.

●   The installation and disassembly are very convenient (reducing cost on installation side)

●   Protected features, such as water shortage, power failure, overheating, etc

●   Multi-pump operation (up to 4 pumps)

●   Unique integrated design

And by field test we mentioned above, we are doing every effort we can, placing our pumps outdoor and facing directly to sun exposure, heavy rain or thunderstorm, to ensure those products will stand whatever mother nature throws at them. 


After all, VSD pump do requires a certain aspect of control logic and more attention than traditional pumps. Still, we received generally positive feedback from our trial-market.


As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, any ideas, any feedback, you are always welcome.



Member of Market Department, Wendy® CO., LTD.