Productions in Times of COVID Pandemic

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As we recalled, back when we were at the end of 2019, all management and production personnel in Wendy® were hastily wrapping their annual work, as well as drafting new resolutions for the coming year.

It was almost Chinese New Year, an occasion where everyone in China reunite with their family and return to the warm arms of their love ones, look forward to many new beginnings.

Certainly we weren’t expecting much of a disruption. And yet here we are, ever since 2019, COVID pandemic has made massive impacts on our operations, challenging our best mind to assess the situation and best way to respond quickly.

In such unsettled and uncertain time, Wendy® has facing significant operational, social and financial consequences. We rethink our risk management and contingency plans, manufacturing operations and new ways of working opportunities, all at the same time.

The very first challenge once laid ahead of us, is frequent shipping delays and even port quarantines. However, we managed to gain access to new shipping solution, maintaining our good record of transport products to our client in time. All thanks to the troubleshooting effort of our work team, and patience or irreplaceable supports from our clients.  

But what matters to us, most, is workforce safety protocols: We did more than just taking temperatures daily, handing out medical masks to all employees, providing abundant supply of hand sanitizer. And since the summer of 2021, every single member of Wendy® are vaccinated. 

Even before the COVID pandemic, Wendy® has always been keen on keeping a good sanitation record for our facilities. As some of our business partners may have witness, Wendy® always makes sure that all products are carry from clean and tidy workbenches.

As a result so far,none of our employees fell victim to COVID.

As we Chinese would like to put it “opportunities lies beneath the disguise of crisis”. In these times of uncertainty, we are still taking orders from our business partners around the world, and our production capacity still at its finest.  

It is perhaps time to remember a well-known quote on the theory of evolution: “It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”

We wish you safety and health as you forge ahead to get us to the other side of this pandemic. We are here for you. Thanks for being there for us.


Member of Market Department, Wendy® CO., LTD.