Pump outdoor endurance testing platform

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The service life of pumps is always of great concern to users. Our technicians and production personnel have put a great effort to improve the service life, durability and stability of our pumps by, for example, using more reliable anti-rust accessories, improving the protection level through special designs etc. Thus, in 2007 Wendy Pump has built a pump outdoor testing platform in the factory to implement the relevant tests and also to better understand our multistage pumps usage in different weather conditions by exposing them to heavy rain, strong sunlight and gales. Our multistage pumps turn out as delivering a stable performance even when encountering severe typhoon conditions. The average life of the multistage pumps under test is more than 5 years, while some even have a life of more than 13 years. Therefore, we can confidently keep our promise and offer three-year warranty to the market in consideration of such an excellent performance by our pumps.

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