• Pump outdoor endurance testing platform

    Pump outdoor endurance testing platform The service life of pumps is always of great concern to users. Our technicians and production personnel have put a great effort to improve the service life, durability and stability of our pumps by, for example, using more reliable anti-rust accessories,

  • Preparation of online exhibition

    For Wendy Pump, online exhibitions are a completely new experience. Although we don't have any experience in this area, we are determined to do it well and have made careful preparations for it. From the production of corporate promotional films to the construction of online exhibition halls and the

  • Online Canton Fair Oct. 2020

    The COVID-19 epidemic is still raging around the world, so people's activities are greatly restricted. At such an unusual time, people across the world are brave enough to face the challenge and strive to make our lives as normal as possible. Similarly, Wendy Pumps has not stopped the pace of develo

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